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Freebird III

Freebird III

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We licensed the Freebird design from Duncan Toys and collaborated with Hank Freeman  to create three metal yo-yos: Freehand OG, Freebird II, and Freebird III. Each design has unique features. Freehand OG is an improved version of the old Freebird with better weight distribution and playability for competition. Freebird II & III are modern with good spin time and weight distribution, suitable for Hank's evolved tricks with lots of directional changes. Read more here.

From Hank Freeman:

“I was so excited when Duncan reached out to me to redo the Freebird! I’ve got nothing but love and respect for the brand and the team. The new versions look and play great. Can’t wait for everyone to try them!”

Product Specification:

Diameter: 56.45mm | Width: 43.49mm | Bearing Gap: 4.35mm | Weight: 65.5grams

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