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Freehand One

Freehand One

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Hey Bud Collection - Preorder (shipping June 20-23rd)


Yo-Yos and T-shirt are ready to ship, we are just waiting for the packaging.



Look, dudes. We don’t need to sell you on this yo-yo. It’s already, like, the best plastic yo-yo since the dawn of time. Seriously, man: ask the dinosaurs. This yo-yo’s been their go-to since all the way back in the Mesozoic era. 

But check it out: We brought back the whole Neo vibe for this yo-yo. Totally throwback! If your yo-yo has been majorly drab and lacking the pop you need to stand out where it matters, get ready to leave those days far behind, amigo. The Freehand Neo edition is the totally rad solution to your days of being chromatically challenged!

This ‘yo is only available in limited numbers, so get yours while supplies last!

Original Freehand One Description:

In 2001 the original Duncan Freehand was launched and with it came a change in the world of yoyos. Duncan had tapped into something unique. Although the why was not fully understood, everybody recognized it: the Freehand was special.

In addition to launching a new style of play, the Freehand’s shape, aesthetics, and feel made it into an instant classic. Over the years Duncan has explored many different designs emphasizing various elements of the original, but with different materials and shapes. With great pleasure, on the original Freehand's 20th anniversary, Duncan is returning to their roots with what might be the best plastic Freehand yet!

The Freehand® collection stands alongside the Imperial® and Butterfly® as one of the most iconic series in the Duncan line, so it was important for Duncan to make it right!⁣ This December run is a preproduction model. Available in classic Red, Yellow and Blue with classic white caps!

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