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Aluminum Butterfly 2023

Aluminum Butterfly 2023

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The Aluminum Butterfly was an instant hit when we first released it. It hit the spot. A modern take on the classic design, the original did its job. But the Butterfly is a potent design, a classic worth many takes from many angles. So we thought, what the heck, let’s do it all again.

The closest design we have gotten to a long-spinning metal yo-yo that plays just like the original plastic Butterfly, the new Aluminum Butterfly features a small bearing, thin pads, and new delrin caps. Also featuring a smaller diameter that is closer to that of the original Butterfly, all of these small tweaks contribute to a totally different yo-yo from the old BFAL.

Classics are classics for a reason. Try out the all-new Butterfly and you’ll see what we mean!


Weight: 61.5g | Width: 37.41mm | Diameter: 57.03mm

Body Material: AL6061 | Caps: Delrin | Bearing: Size A

NOTE: This includes one pair of Butterfly Logo and one pair of Psychedelic Logo stickers! With or without logo, this yo-yo looks super sleek.

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