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Origami Lite (2016)

Origami Lite (2016)

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** Deadstock Origami Lite - unreleased version of the original Origami. Flat hub, more speed, lighter weight.

Hey, remember me? 

The Origami Lite is an unreleased version of the original Origami that’s been sitting as deadstock for a few years now. The idea was to create a lighter-weight, faster, more zippy Origami, and that’s exactly what we did here.

It features a flat hub, as opposed to the original Origami’s axle nub, and it plays so quick. This yo-yo is a total blast from the past, reminding us of just how much yo-yo design as changed over the years. It’s a sweet and unique yo-yo, and belongs in any avid Duncan fan’s collection. Get yours now before they’re gone forever!

Duncan Description

Multi-National Champion, Bryan Jardin and Duncan have developed this new yo-yo from the ground up over the course of the last year. We underwent multiple iterations to up the play factor. We tweaked the weight distribution to give a quickness to the yo-yo even while it powers through its strong, powerful spins. We tweaked the gap width by thousands of an inch to insure strong, tight binds and powerful regens. The ultimate result combines precise cuts and perfect weight distribution, giving a powerful representation of the future of the Duncan line.

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