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Butterfly Psychedelic

Butterfly Psychedelic

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We’re grabbing the good of the past and mixing it with the good of the present. Say hello to your long lost pal the psychedelic Butterfly. 

Featuring the classic cap art from the 1970’s and the new Butterfly mold, this yo-yo is sure to elevate your Butterfly play experience to higher realms unseen. What a trip, man. 

The new Butterfly mold was an instant-classic upon release, receiving the stamp of approval from fixed-axle connoisseurs and beginners alike. It continues to stand up as an exceptional fixed axle yo-yo.

This psychedelic ‘Fly is singing sweet soliloquies in a strange tongue, calling you to its embrace. This edition Butterfly is sure to harmonize the vibe of your collection, just right! Right on.

  • Limited edition Butterfly Psychedelic
  • Fixed-axle with cotton string
  • Retro packaging style
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