Freehand Mg

Update: 11/18


Photo from the printing shop. It’s potato quality image unfortunately. But they said it’s cured, and adding extra days to cure since it’s delrin. 

They added extra days to cure and shipping on 11/20 to us. We should be shipping 11/21 or 11/22.

We are ready to ship the fastest as possible. We will upgrade all shipping to Fedex 2-day for USA orders, and the best and fastest to international orders. This will include the 2 extra gift.


Thanks for your support and understanding.


Update: 11/16

Good day to you all! The printing shop is curing the ink now, and we asked them to overnight ship to us. Apologies for the inconvenience. We will send two gifts to those who ordered Freehand Mg. One Yo-Yo and extra pair of blank delrin caps.

Package is ready to ship, we just have to include the Delrin Caps. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

Thank you.

Update: 11/11

We are still waiting for the Delrin Caps.

For your courtesy, we will add extra gift. Apologies for the delays.

Any questions, please send us your inquiries to

Thank you in advance.

Update: 11/04

We finally received the following: Yo-Yos, Packaging, Delrin Counterweights, PC Caps, and all other components, and we are just waiting for the Delrin Caps to arrive, and hoping to have it early next week. We will pack and ship it via 2-day Fedex for USA, and we'll find the fastest that we can afford for the International customers.

For those who ordered between 10/27 - 11/04, you will receive a limited edition black packaging. All others will receive a raw wood packaging. See images below.

Update: 10/29

Thanks to those who purchased the Freehand Mg! Below is the progress and update of the new shipping window.

The first 50 buyer will received a special black painted packaging. The following 50 will receive a regular wood tone color packaging.

New shipping window: 11/5 - 11/12

Packaging arrival: 11/02

Yo-Yos arrival: 11/02

PC Caps - ready

Delrin Counterweight - 11/02

Delrin Caps - 11/02 + 3 days printing and ship



Update: 10/27 - Launch Day. Large bearing link and small bearing link.

  • This is a pre-order and limited to 50 units only. Shipping window is November 5-10. 
    Status is listed below. If you ordered Freehand MG, we will send you the status of each steps via email, and we will be using a FedEx 2-day shipment as courtesy. We will also send you pictures of the packaging, counterweight and Delrin Caps.
    • Packaging: Shipped with estimated arrival on 10/29
    • Delrin Counterweight: Shipped with estimated arrival on 10/29
    • Delrin Caps: Pad printing done, shipping on 10/27 and estimated arrival on 11/01
    • Yo-Yos: Estimated arrival on 10/28
    • PC Caps: Estimated arrival on 10/29



    • Freehand Mg 2022 - small bearing
    • PVD Coating
    • Includes limited edition wooden Mg Box
    • Includes 1 piece delrin casino dice counterwight without pip
    • Machined Delrin Caps (default)
    • Two pairs of Mg Caps: Original Logo and Barebones Logo
    • Specs


    Diameter 56.02mm | Width: 37.7mm | Gap: 3.8mm 

    Weight with delrin caps: 66.5grams | Weight with PC caps: 66.3grams

    Freehand Mg Term of Sale

    By purchasing this yo-yo, you are agreeing that this is a collectable piece with hand coating process which is delicate and can easily damage the coating surface: inside, outside, cap seat and bearing seat. Opening and closing the yo-yo halves more frequent can damage the bearing seat coating.  

    There are instances of bubbling effect of coating in the inner hub which is hidden behind the caps, and does not affect the playability.

    All sales are final for Freehand Mg 2022. No return or exchange.





    Freehand Mg 2022ご購入後の返品や交換は致しかねますのでご了承ください。