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Aluminum Imperial 2023

Aluminum Imperial 2023

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There’s nothing quite like the feeling of throwing and catching a Duncan Imperial: The weight of the yo-yo as it leaves your hand, the humming when it lands at the bottom of the string, the satisfying thud when it returns to your palm. The Duncan Imperial is the perfect representation of everything that made us fall in love with yo-yo in the first place. We pay homage to that love story with the all-new Duncan Aluminum Imperial.

It’s the perfect Duncan Imperial you remember from the early days of your yo-yo career, distilled and refined for the yo-yo player of today. Updated with a sleek look and a slightly flared gap, the Aluminum Imperial brings the classic spirit of the original Imperial to a fully modernized top. It’s a long-spinning ball-bearing yo-yo that you can play how you want: If you want old-school flavor, it’s got old-school flavor; if you want a string-trick ripper, it’s a string-trick ripper.

Throw-back and throw down with the Aluminum Imperial!


Weight: 62g | Width: 36mm | Diameter: 56mm

Body Material: AL6061 | Caps: AL6061 | Bearing: Size A

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