Duncan Freebird Trilogy

Duncan Freebird Trilogy


In collaboration with Duncan Toys, we have licensed the Freebird design, and we are fortunate enough to work with Hank to resurrect his signature yo-yo and transform it into metal. And not just one design, but three!


Each design is unique in its own way:

The Freehand OG is the closest to the older Freebird but features improved weight distribution and playability for competition while retaining the same body shape. Hank prefers his 3A yo-yos that are also good for 1A since many of his tricks incorporate 1A elements.


The Freebird II & III are more modern in terms of playability and fit well with today's yo-yo scene. Over the years, Hank's tricks have evolved, requiring a lot of directional changes, so he's particular about the yo-yo's spin time and weight distribution.


On our website, you can purchase a minimalistic design without logos, while all other retailers will have the Freebird branding. The Freehand OG shape features the original logo, while the other two showcase the sleek and modern Freebird logo. Prices start at $69.99, depending on the color and design.



From Hank Freeman:

“I was so excited when Duncan reached out to me to redo the Freebird! I’ve got nothing but love and respect for the brand and the team. The new versions look and play great. Can’t wait for everyone to try them!”


Release Dates:

Beyondyoyos.com: 3/4 8PM EST

All other retailers: Starts at 3/8 8PM EST



Product Specifications:

Freebird OG (Standard Cap)

Diameter: 55.94mm | Width: 42.06mm | Bearing Gap: 4.3mm | Weight: 65.5grams | Cap: Freehand Cap Spec


Freebird II (Step Cap)

Diameter: 56.39mm | Width: 43.09mm | Bearing Gap: 4.35mm | Weight: 65.5grams


Freebird III (Flat Cap)

Diameter: 56.45mm | Width: 43.49mm | Bearing Gap: 4.35mm | Weight: 65.5grams



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